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April 8, 2013
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PRIZE: Papa!Japan x Child!Reader

At around 4 in the afternoon, Japan was walking home from one of the unproductive wold meetings that he attended anyway. On his way, he saw a little girl pop out of nowhere. He felt a strange feeling coming off her, as if she were not human. He usually sensed this with his fellow country representatives. He hadn't seen her before. Maybe she's a new country.

The girl had [h/l] [h/c] hair that matched her [e/c], making the little girl look extremely cute (or kawaii) to the Japanese man. She was also wearing a/ an [f/c] sundress.

He decided to approach the girl after having a mini mental battle rambling about in his head.
When he reached the young country, the girl noticed his presence, smiled, greeted with a little "Konnichiwa", and bowed at him. At first, Japan was shocked to know that the girl knew Japanese and how they showed respect towards each other. A neighboring country, perhaps? After the short scenario of his eyes widening and short mental notes, he bowed and greeted back in a similar fashion.

When both of them stood up straight again, Japan decided to start the introductions.
"Konnichiwa. My name is Honda Kiku, but you may call me Kiku or Japan. Do you happen to be a new country?"
The little girl cutely smiled at him, then replied, "Hai. My name is [f/n] [l/n], the representative of the new country, [insert random name]. My country is near yours, so I hope we could see each other again soon, Japan-san." [f/n] turned and was about to leave when Japan caught her small hand in his larger one.
"Would you rike to stay with me, [f/n]-chan? I-I mean, if that's arright with you and arr that... I am very much ronery even with my pets, Tama and Pochi-kun." Japan looked slightly nervous, anticipating rejection. [f/n] beamed at him and nodded.
"I would be very much honored to be welcome into your home, Japan-san!" Her [f/c] hair swayed with the late afternoon breeze.
Hand in hand, the two made their way to Japan's house.

Just when Japan opened the door, Pochi tackled the little girl to the ground, licking her face. The short haired man slightly panicked and quickly, but gently removed Pochi from the smaller girl.
"Is he Pochi-kun?" She asked. The Japanese male only nodded as he kicked his shoes off (you were barefoot the whole time, so no need for you to kick the air).
She smiled then started to pet the dog. "He's cute."
A white mittened cat with a black base fur coat .crawled up to the girl who was playing with Pochi. He pawed at the girl, asking for attention.
When she noticed this, she turned to the cat and smiled. "You must be Tama-kun," she said. She rubbed the back of the cat's ears which made it purr contentedly.

Japan stood in awe. Even if Pochi usually did that to people, why did Tama approach her? He would usually avoid humans other than him. Why were his pets so familiar with her? Oh well. He'd think about that later.

----months later after moving in and hanging around your papa like the awesome new country you are-----

Ring ring

"Hey, Japan! I'm totally inviting you to my awesome TGIF party! Don't worry about refusing to go because, like the awesome hero I am, say 'no' and I'll show the world your embarrassing pictures and all that. See you at 7. My house! Bye!"


"Um...[f/n], would you rike to go with me to America-san's party? I can't just reave you here arr arone. Don't worry about Pochi-kun or Tama-kun. They're used to it and they're very werr trained," he said. [f/n] smiled and said, "If you're fine with letting me attend, then I'll be glad to go with you, outo-san".

----PARTY TIME----

Knock knock knock

The door opens.

"Japan, my man! Wassup? Come on in and- hey, Japan? Who's she?" The cheerful American asked, a huge smile on his face.
"She is a new country. I am taking care of her at the moment," the Japanese man replied. The girl of [the random name you thought of or c/n] smiled and waved at the American man. "Hello. You must be America. My name is [f/n] [l/n], the new country, [c/n]. You may call me [f/n]." "That's cool, dudette! Now, come in and start partying!"

A few other countries noticed [f/n] in the house. Seeing this, America glanced at Japan, who nodded. "Ehem. Ehem. I have an announcement to make! Japan has a new kiddo and I expect all of you to be nice to her. She is [f/n] [l/n], the representative of [c/n]. Oh, and from now on, I am her awesome and heroic big brother! How cool is that?"
[f/n] smiled and waved at the countries who introduced themselves afterwards.

---after the party----

"Papa, can we go home now? I'm really sleepy..."
"Hai. Ret's go home now, [f/n]-chan."
"Bye, guys! Bye big brother! I hope to see all of you soon," then the two were on their way after their goodbyes.

---when reader-chan and Japan get home---

[f/n] had fallen asleep in the taxi, leaving Japan to carry her to the house after paying. After kicking his shoes off, he carefully removed [f/n]'s shoes. Walking up the stairs, he was careful to not bump the girl anywhere.
When he reached [f/n]'s room, he gently put her down on her futon, making sure she was nicely tucked in afterwards.
Japan kissed the little girl's forehead, said his 'goodnight' in a whisper, then closed the door. A wave of familiarity hit him, making him feel weird. Why did it feel as if he's done this before? He'd think about that sooner or later.

---time skip again! Well, 18 years after---

[f/n] had become a wonderfully grown country. Her [h/c] hair grew longer, she became taller and slightly heavier. She had become such a beautiful country.
She still played with her big brother and lived with her papa, but whenever she talked to them, her eyes and her voice have a little hint of sadness. The other countries, with whom she also interacts with, sometimes notice this as well.
Thinking it was just a trick of their imagination, they all decided to shrug it off.

Today was the day [f/n] was taken into Japan's household. She smiled at the memory as she stood in the garden, breathing in the cool night air.
She looked up at the sky, the twinkling stars above her. She walked around the garden as she began to sing an old lullaby that she used to sing herself to sleep.

inochi wa toki no naka wo
nagare nagarete
tokoshie no kiroku wo
futae no rasen ni tsumugi yuku

watashi wa kono uta wo
utai katarite
setsuna no kioku wo
hito no kokoro ni kizami yuku

al a re laye  
al a re layo  
al a re laya  
al a reya...

Before she was able to repeat the first verse, she saw Japan walking towards her as her form starts fading with tears in his eyes. You didn't want him to witness this again, but it was alright. He would forget about [f/n] along with the other countries later. The country that was once called [c/n] had been completely destroyed and washed away four decades ago, a few years after Japan had discovered it.

Everything suddenly made perfect sense to Japan now. It was as if all the pieces of a puzzle have been put together.
The reason why Tama knew her was because she was someone he was comfortable with a long time ago and as for Pochi, it was completely normal for him to act that way around people.
The reason why he felt a wave of familiarity when tucking her in, feeding her, or even spending time with her was because he used to do that with her a long time ago. Even the 'The hero is your brother' incident happened.
It all made perfect sense to him now! But then...why did he and the other countries forget about her? Why did she disappear? Why is she visiting? What exactly is happening right now?
Well, he's very confused now, but nonetheless, he ran up to his daughter and hugged her fading form.

[f/n] smiled sadly as her stomach started fading, tears streaming down her face. She hugged her outo-san, saying everything will be alright.

"Even if I'm just a memory waiting to be forgotten, I'll always be there in your heart, outo-san. I love you!"

Her form had disappeared, but her words continued to ring in Japan's head.
How could he have forgotten about his own daughter? He dropped to his knees and cried. If only he had more time to be with you.


Japan was crouching down in front of a grave, laying a bouquet of [f/f] on the gravestone. He traced a finger on the golden letterings.

[f/n] [l/n]
Beloved daughter, sister and friend

He wasn't alone, though. He was visiting the graveyard with [f/n]'s self proclaimed brother, America. Both were visiting her 60th death anniversary from when Japan had found her, 20 years after his final encounter with them.

America decided to go leave already because it was getting late, therefore he politely nudged the shorter Japanese man so that they could go.
Japan understood, stood up, looked at the sky, and was about to leave when they heard a faint whisper in the wind.

Father....big brother....I love you!
For :iconkibbyart99:
I'm sorry if the ending seems slightly rushed, because I was slightly rushing... Sorry.
I hope you enjoy, though!

Hetalia - :iconhimaruyaplz:
Spinning Song - Vocaloid
You - :iconmotherrussiaplz:

Oh. By the way, in case you were wondering where your self proclaimed country with a random name went, it's not on the map anymore (never was) and it's somewhere down below in the deep blue sea sea sea :music:

I fixed some...stuff here and there :D
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