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November 6, 2012
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Flashback- 4 years ago

The sound of laughter filled the park as _________ and the Allies ran around, playing a game of tag.
"Tag, you're it, America!" "Wha? You're fast, _________! Just not fast enough! Tag, you're it again, _________!"
"Hehe... Tag, you're it, China!" "What aru? I'm not even part of you're game aru!" "I think I know why you don't want to play with us, China!" "Really aru?" "Yep! It's because you're old, right?" "What aru?!? Can you repeat that for me aru?" China then started running after _________. "You're it, _________ aru!"
"Such a wonderful day, da?" "It sure is, Russia! And by the way, you're it!" "Da!"

France and England decided to join after a few minutes of watching the others play. There was more resounding laughter after the game.

"We should head back, guys." "Da." "Sure thing, _________!" "Alright, love." "Shi." "Oui." _________ then smiled as they all went back to their house to have dinner after they all took turns to take a shower.

End of Flashback

"We can finally head back to our house! I can't wait to see _________ again! I am the hero, so she must have missed me!" "Quit your yapping, git. I'm sure she missed all of us." "It has been so long since we have seen our petite fleur, non?" "Da. I would love to see her lovely face again. Always so happy, da?" "It's been so long aru..." China then caught a falling snowflake.
The five men made their way to the house where they all lived together with _________.
The girls were sitting and crying in front of the house, in the snow.

Flashback- 2 years, 11 months ago

"_________, the others and I have to go on a really important mission, okay?" _________ stared at America as he told her this. "Does that mean you're leaving me?" _________'s (e/c) orbs started watering. "Yes, I mean, no....yeah. Don't worry though. We're only going to be gone in a little while, _________. Also, you won't be alone. I got some of our other friends to replace us for a while, okay?" _________ stared at America and said, "America, dude, I am not a child. Just take care, alright? Same goes for the others." "Of course, _________! I am the hero, remember?" _________ nodded and gave him a small smile.
"Don't worry, love. We'll be back in a few, alright? I promise you that, so no need to cry." _________ wiped her tears with her sleeve. "Yeah." she also gave England a small smile.
"When we get back, I promise to cook you up a whole feast aru!" "Really, China?" Te Chinese man smiled and nodded. "I promise aru!" _________ smiled and looked at France.
"I'm sorry, mon petite fleur! I can't say 'good bye' to such a pretty face like yours! I'd miss you too much!" _________ couldn't help but laugh. "France, if you really can't say 'good bye', then just walk away." "That's not helping, mon cher."
Russia hugged _________ 'good bye' because he wanted to. "Don't worry, sunflower. We will be back in a short while." "Do you meant that?" "Da. Because if not, how would I become one with you?" Russia then let go of _________ and walked off with the others.
They all waved at _________ and she waved back.
The girls arrived after a few minutes to join _________ in the house that they were all able to share because it was huge.

They played games, went shopping, baked, cooked, played dress-up, and other fun stuff that they could think of.

End of Flashback

When the allies spotted the girls crying while sitting in front of the house, they rushed over and asked why they were crying and why they were out in the cold. Hungary looked up at them and said that _________ was gone. She also said that there was a note. America got it from her and read it aloud. This is what is said:

Everyone, I know that you may all be guessing where I have run off to.
Let's just say it's not very far.
Please, don't worry. I also left clues to where I am.


America noticed that four off the letters were written in something red. Paint? Syrup? Condiments? No. It was blood. He aligned the four blood written lines into one word. It read, HELP His eyes widened. "Guys, look for the clues. _________ needs help and we have to hurry." Liechtenstein's eyes widened and she grabbed a CD that she found that was labeled as 'Clue #1'. "Can this be of help?" England looked at the CD and thanked Liechtenstein. "If I may ask, where did you find this?" Liechtenstein looked at England and said, "_________ left it with the note."
China went to Vietnam and asked, "When did she leave aru?" Vietnam looked at him blankly and said, "She disappeared only this morning. Around 8 or something." "Xie xie aru." Russia looked at Belarus to see her staring at the floor with tears in her eyes.
Belarus said something below a whisper, but Russia was able to catch it. "She was one of my only friends..." His eyes widened at what his little sister said.
"We have to find our petite fleur, oui?" All agreed with the French man and they decided to watch the first CD.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+CLUE #1-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

"Hey guys! I think we should all play a little game. If you are wondering why i have run off, it is because I couldn't take it anymore! The allies made me wait for too long, and they know that they promised that they were only going to leave for a short while. It's been 2 years and 11 months. Almost 3 years! Well, that isn't so short now is it? My second clue is somewhere we all once knew. A place we enjoyed to play in. I'm only giving you a short period of time so you better hurry!

Hetalia- :iconhimaruyaplz:
You- :iconcuteenglandplz: :iconsexyamericaplz: :iconsexyfranceplz: :iconcutechinaplz: :iconcuterussiaplz:

Chapter 1: this one

Chapter 2: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
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